El Fundo maintains working model demonstrations of each of many specific projects. These projects can be established and maintained only in qualified locations, and only under the leadership of qualified local leaders. When a community expresses an interest in a specific project, and has the potential to provide both educable and trainable leaders, as well as a location that will allow for the development and sustainable operation of the project, the potential leaders are brought to El Fundo for education and training. Upon completion of training the leaders are provided with the materials and other resources needed for the initial set-up of the project in their local communities.

The steps in the development of each project include:

    1. Qualifying an interested community;
    2. Education and Training of potential leaders;
    3. Providing initial materials and resources;
    4. Supervising the start-up on location;
    5. On-going Monitoring by APECA staff.

The start-up of each new project requires additional funding over and above what is required for the on-going Program expenses of APECA at El Fundo. For a list of the potential projects go to the drop-down menu under "PROJECTS" on this website.

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