APECA’s most immediate objective is to stabilize and enhance conditions in existing communities along the Amazon River; the conservation of the Amazon Rainforest is the ultimate goal. Empowered residents can provide the human resources needed to address the complex issues of stabilization and conservation.

APECA in Peru cooperates internationally with other organizations, universities, schools, hospitals, service clubs (such as Rotary International), churches, and corporations. APECA assists in the delivery of services offered by the Peruvian Government Ministries. We are actively building relationships with individuals and organizations interested in research and development of humanitarian programs. Inquiries are welcome. Please E-mail us at: apecaperu@apecaperu.org.  

Founded in the U.S.A. as a tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, "APECA, Inc." and "APECA, Peru" work together to achieve the organization mission of promoting conservation and education in the Amazon.  "APECA, Peru"was established in 1994 as a Peruvian, non-profit organization, and has a legally constituted board of directors located in Iquitos, Peru, with responsibility  to govern the program and activities of the organization. "APECA, Inc." is a legally constituted board of directors in the United States, with the primary responsibility to ensure the financial sustainability and effective mission of the organization so that "APECA, Peru" can carry out the stated mission. 

Each organization follows the applicable state and federal laws in the country in which it is incorporated. Money is transferred through International Bank Transfers to ensure maximum transparency.

"APECA, Inc." began in 1993, by establishing a floating health clinic to deliver health education, dental care, and first-aid supplies to remote villages of Loreto, working with the Department of Loreto located in northeastern Peru.  Since 1993, APECA has expanded its work to include Public Health Training, Midwife Education, Reforestation, Clean-Water, and Sanitation, in cooperation with local Natural Medicine practices.  APECA provides no grants, scholarships, or free trips to Peru, but welcomes visitors who work with us in our work in Amazon remote villages.

Please understand that APECA relies on contributions from generous people and organizations to meet the costs of all activities, including both the general Program and specific Projects. "APECA Inc." is a tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization relying on the generosity of private donors who care about this work and support our mission. We encourage you to become involved through your tax-deductible gift.

The Marañon River flows from the west to meet with the Ucayali River, which flows from the south. Together, close to Nauta at the beginning of the District of Fernando Lores, the river takes on the name of Amazon River. This floodplain region experiences a seasonal water level change of up to sixty feet. There are no roads connecting any two major cities in the Department of Loreto. The main form of transportation is dugout canoe and public transit on a larger boat.


The earth is a global village, and the rain forests of the world harbor resources for maintaining the health of this global village and its inhabitants. As deforestation and the displacement of indigenous peoples from their lands continue to threaten the harmony of the rain forest, it becomes the task of all citizens to help rain forest communities become self-sufficient and healthy. Education can provide solutions to problems such as pollution, disease, and malnutrition, thereby strengthening these communities; people who are not consumed with concern for survival are able to be concerned about the larger community.

With this philosophy as its basis, the primary mission of APECA is to promote the conservation of the rain forest and the remote Amazon River villages of Loreto. Through conservation, empowerment, and education, we accomplish our mission by helping people develop their own sustainable methods of health care, education, and conservation.

APECA PERU continues to grow toward realizing the vision of self-sustaining communities. In turn, the people are beginning to recognize that their region helps to sustain the global life-giving rain forest ecosystem.  APECA is now proud to supply health chests to villages with trained leaders.  Each chest is itself a symbol of the work of APECA; the wood used to build the chests has been cut from trees planted as part of APECA programs.

The inventory of medications filling the chests is acquired at a reasonable cost through relationship with government suppliers. The package of life-saving supplies is delivered to villagers after their leaders complete training sessions on medication use and the management of the chest inventory.

Not one of the trainees holds a salaried position; not one has insurance for their health, their home, or their canoe!  What they do have is the knowledge that APECA is there to empower them so they can help themselves!

We continue to meet existing challenges, while remaining close to the people we serve. El Fundo is a model of hope for villagers who gather there to learn, and return to their people with a sense of mission, empowerment, and promise.

The work continues as a team of APECA staff and Peruvian Ministry of Health employees provide a full service medical campaign to more than thirty communities on a tributary of the Amazon River.   That campaign collects valuable demographic information for use in developing future human service projects for this critical rain-forest area.

While the focus is on helping villagers to develop sustainable self-sufficiency, APECA itself exists only because of others. Volunteers and financial gifts over the years have made APECA’s program and projects a reality.

Interested in more information, Contact APECA at:  apecaperu@apecaperu.org.We cannot do this work without your assistance!  

We greatly appreciate your new and/or continued support!