More than twenty three years ago, APECA began as a grass-roots effort in Remote Communities along the Amazon River in Peru, with a simple floating health clinic,


After many years of teaching and training local volunteers in public health education, dental care, midwifery, community leadership, and forest conservation, APECA staff and Peru Ministry of Health employees together provide a wide assortment of services to remote villages in the District Fernando Lores and the surrounding areas along the Amazon River.

APECA assists local communities through education, hands-on training, supervision, and monitoring, helping them improve their living conditions (especially through the efforts of trained local health providers with their own health chests), and realize their role in the conservation of the rain-forest.

As a result of the efforts of staff, interns, and volunteers, APECA empowers individuals, families, and communities, with the intention of promoting personal health, economic sustainability, and environmental conservation.

You, your friends, and family, religious congregations, and other organizations (Rotary Clubs, etc.), can make a difference in Amazon River Communities by participating in this life-changing enterprise with APECA.  

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