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Midwife Training

Midwife Training

To train local village midwives and other community health workers in the safe delivery and care of infants. 

Description: As 90% of the babies are born at home in APECA’s service area of the District of Fernando Lores, APECA made the decision to address the need for midwife training in remote villages. Due to the use of rusty or unsanitary implements used to cut umbilical cords at birth, Peru has one of the highest neonatal tetanus death rates in the world. A recent census found in the region of Loreto that the rate of maternal deaths during the birthing process to be 233 per 100,000 deliveries. About two thirds of the babies born to these mothers did not survive. Most of theses deaths result from illnesses that can be prevented with proper training and treatment.

No one is closer to the new mother than is the midwife who assists in the delivery. They inspire confidence and trust. Trusted midwives in the community are better prepared to provide medical education. Trainers include doctors, nurses, and midwife professionals from Iquitos. 
Topics covered include reproductive health, sexually-transmitted infections, and the stages of pregnancy from conception to post-birth. 

Midwives are trained to prevent common reasons for maternal and neonatal mortality, and to coach the mother-to-be through her pregnancy, attend the birthing, and encourage the mother’s continuing contact with health services.  New mothers can come to know how to prevent many of the illnesses that can endanger the lives of their children.

The Ministry of Health now provides training and educational materials for all midwives and other community health workers who come to APECA’s field center, El Fundo, for education. It is anticipated that the administration of other health projects will be improved by field liaisons who will record birth weights and measurements, and diagnose other problems that might otherwise go undetected.

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